Monday, September 29, 2008

Who would have thought?

I was sitting at my computer the other day listing my new table numbers and moving cards thinking that if you would have asked me last year at this time where I thought I would have been now, I never would have answered you like I am now. NEVER.

I'm selling to strangers. Yes. Strangers.
I'm sewing.
I'm looking into designing fabric (stupid step-and-repeat)
I'm letterpressing.

Up until now, I had been selling to friends, friends of friends, family or friends of family. Now, people I've never met (or maybe "met" in the forums or in blog world) are interested in my work. They like what I'm doing enough to pay me for it... and it's a great feeling. It's a great feeling to feel like I'm moving forward and I'm making progress- steadily and not clumsily. I feel like I have a firm grip on my growth and in some way I'm in good control of it... even if I'm really not. I have wholesale inquiries and friends and family finally coming to me asking for goodies. They "get" it now, I think. They see it- literally. All the freebies and handouts paid off... now they get a few extra business cards to hand out with each order. ;-)

The Creative 365 is really motivating me to do SOMETHING, no matter how small, to keep me moving. I'm very excited that I'm ready this year with my
calendar (a year in the making project... got stuck on July...), I have a good amount of goodies in my shop (and still more ideas to add to it) and I have the luxury of opening a second shop, TheLittleMrs, for my sewing goodies, if I ever get to that point.

I've never been one to really get too concerned over views or hears, but i have over 100 people that "heart" me (and I heart you for hearting me!) and according to majaba, I have over of 3000 views in my shop. I'm sure for some, that's chump change. For me, that's amazing. I never thought my work would reach that many sets of eyes, so I'm in complete humbleness (is that a word??).

I'm setting big goals for myself for next year. But, I'm prepare to alter my goals to make sure I stay grounded, keep time for my family and produce nothing but work that I am proud of. I'm finding myself having these ideas for designs, but then realizing that yes, I could do that, but it's not really what I WANT to do... so I might take a little time to work it out for myself, but not the time to photograph, list, describe, etc. because it's not what I'm excited about. I only want to sell things I'm excited about and not things I know or think will sell... and I've done a pretty good job so far of editing myself when it comes to those types of projects.

At the end of the year, I'll share my goals. They will have nothing to do with x amount of sales or x amount of hearts because those are things that are out of my control. sure it's healthy to do a forecast and set monetary goals, but in not hitting them, it should not make you feel as if you are a failure.

I'm extremely excited for the rest of this year to pan out (I'm a few dollars shy of my yearly profit goal) and plan for next year.

my motivation?
favorite shadows
ask my two favorite shadows...

almost complete...

The calendars are making great progress for listing in a few weeks. i have a few minor adjustments to make to the sizing, but all in all, i'm really happy with the turn out.


This is what happens...

... when your husband gets bored.

here we go again!
this used to be our master "suite" (i use that term lightly). we got rid of the king sized mattress and the box springs (and the make-shift bed) and the plan is to make this the playroom until we go to sell it... which by the looks of washington- won't be for another bazillion years. oy.

in his defense we have been talking about re-doing the loft just for giggles. it's made of MDF right now- and not very thick MDF at that, so we're going to bring in some bead board (or is it beat board- i never remember) and some drywall and make it use-able... and clean. we're also going to paint the floors because there are too many stains from the previous owner(s) to make refinishing it worth the effort. i think it will look nice!

i can't wait to take our time on this to make it right.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cut Folded and Paired

finally got to cutting down and folding all those designs! hopefully tomorrow i can photograph them ...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My 100th Post

is my first 365.
These are the PJ pants I'm making to learn how to sew. I think come this Thursday, I just might be finished with lessons and looking to sew on my own! I've ordered two patterns that I'm so excited to get to work on which means plenty of 365 posts!

And then here's a sneak peek of some new additions I hope to be adding to the shop!


I'm also looking for a few people willing to give up their normal shopping list and try something different. For over a year I have been using my grocery/coupon list when I go shopping and I've noticed it's saved me a ton of time (and money because I remember the coupons!) Just recently I've added on a meal planner to the grocery/coupon list in an attempt to plan out our meals, in turn planning out what foods I buy. We were in a horrible habit of waiting until hubs got home from work to decide what we wanted for dinner and we were eating at 7:30/8:00... way too late for this girl. So I gave this method a try and I'm curious to hear reactions from other users besides myself.

If you're willing to give up your normal grocery shopping/meal planning routine for a bit, leave a comment and I'll send you a PDF to print off. You'll be one of the lucky ones because if I decide to carry this in my shop, you have it at your disposal and never have to buy it ;-)

I have it set up so it can be saddle stitched, but that's not really necessary. On the left you have your grocery list with two columns: items you need and coupons you have. The problem I ran into is that I would clip all my coupons, load them up in my handy mini folder and I would get to the grocery and forget the coupon offer or need to double check how many of the item I needed to buy to take advantage of the coupon. And I clipped a lot of coupons, so I had to flip thru the whole stack just to find one. So I created my own shopping list that had the coupon column where I could write down the coupon offer next to the item I needed. Some times I would use it, other times the generic brand was less expensive or there was a better deal on another brand. As you can see from my photos, I would simply cross off that coupon and I usually pulled it from the stack right then and there so I wouldn't hand it to the cashier and have them look at me funny when they couldn't apply the coupon.
I then decided that I was going to give meal planning a try. So, again, as you can see, I wrote out what we were having each nite so that I could do a quick glance in case I saw something on sale that we could either substitute or eat with the meal. I must say it's helped us eat much earlier too- at least by 6:30!

In all honesty, if you're the least bit curious, please leave a comment and I'll shoot it your way (just make sure there is a way I can contact you via email). After a month or so, I'll follow up and see how you are liking the format, the ease, etc. and see if you have any tips, complaints or suggestions.

Monday, September 22, 2008

And the award goes to...

me! yay! Miss Lavender Lily was so sweet to pass along these fun blog awards... (and if i had time i would redesign them, but i will restrain myself...)

check her out- the girl cracks me up and is definitely one of the blogs i read right away when i see she has a new post.
part of the rules of receiving the award(s???) is that i must pay it forward to one of my favorite blogs. well, in true spirit of myself, i can't pick one. so i'm going to pick 5- because that's what i do. :-)

1. PepperinaPress :: i love this blog in every shape and form. i always save it for last (if i can) because i enjoy it so much! most of her chatting is about her motherhood adventures, but it's delivered so well (and her little girl is HILARIOUS!). i like to think i have the same sort of wit about me as well, but either way- i still love her blog! (she has a second blog as well telling her adventures of her letterpress)

2. MelissaHead Yabberings :: this girl covers the gamut! and has a "nice" second blog as well

3. RedMarionette :: i love seeing what she comes up with next! her little critters are A-DOR-ABLE and can't wait to own one myself.

4. CJane :: I must admit I found Courtney's blog while following NieNie's recovery, but she has a fantastic way with words.

5. JC Handmade :: i love her progression of work and showing items as she's creating.

so though i have not contacted these blogs to let them know they've won, i hope they have a sort of alert system in place, like google alert, to let them know they were mentioned! and thanks to Miss Lavender for my nomination!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Creative 365

i shyed away from this challenge mainly because i knew i just couldn't do it. i knew the time it would involve on my part wasn't there to expend. but.

i reminded myself that there isn't a prize at the end. there isn't recognition. all there is the satisfaction of completing a task and having some fantastic pieces to show for it. and that's enough for me. so i'm going for it.

starting monday... september 22, 2208 i'm going to start a creative 365. it might mean i finish october 4, 2009, but there's nothing wrong with that. i'm making my own rules to this game and my rules are that there must be 365 creative days. that's it. oh and i have to finish before december 31, 2009.

feel free to join me. i'll be posting my work on my flickr site and i'll create a group if there is enough interest. i most likely won't post everyday, but i'll definitely post what i'm working on- be it design work, sewing, drawing, photography. i'll also be posting work i'm really excited about here. otherwise, after normal postings, i'll just post a link back to my flickr as to what i've been up to and what i've been making in the form of a "day x" link after my post.

i thought about making it a craft 365 or a photo 365, but i knew in limiting myself into one genre i was setting myself up for failure, i have to keep it broad if i want it to work for me and if i want to get the most out of this exercise. my interests far exceed just design or photography. i have many pieces sitting around, waiting to be finished up and this will be the perfect opportunity.

monday is a short day. we're taking nugget to the brown county fair parade, a quick stroll thru the fair itself and then back home. it's going to be a loooong day. as for the weekend: the hubs has poker at our house tonite, UC v Miami football game (Go Frank!) and i might do some shopping with mom after she finishes up golf.

Money Diary

When I was cleaning out the front room on Sunday I ran across my Money Ledger I used when I first got out of college, had moved back in with my parents after living in an apartment for a year and was trying to make my way down "to the big city" I wasnted to get serious about budgeting and saving money in hopes that I could start being more responsible.

I printed out all the pages- single sided because at the time I didn't have the patience to set up my document to print so i could saddle stitch it. then i double stick taped them to each other (i had a lot of time on my hands when i lived with my parents. with a 45 minute bus commute into the city each way, your social life becomes non-existent, so you find ways to entertain yourself) and duct taped the outside. love this thing. i will probably never have the heart to throw it away.

each month i would figure out my constants. then i would look to see how much i had left and i would move money around where i needed it. at the end of the month, i woudl tally up my total and look at the overall picture. once i moved out, i was able to write out my grocery lists (and you can see my "entertainment" section picked up a bit) and at one point i tried to keep track of prices at the grocery. i gave up on that.

though this method is EXTREMELY hard to keep up with when you have two people in the household, i still recommend you try something similar. In doing this, I was able to not only buy myself my pretty Mac laptop, but I was able to save enough money to pay cash for a down payment on our now house. And now, we're on the same path to buying our next house.

We still use a similar method to keep track of expenses- and this way could definitely work if you had one common ledger and each person recorded their purchases at the end of the day. In our house, the ledger would get buried in a day, so we rely on my excel sheets (well, I rely on the spreadsheets. I just tell the hubz how much he can spend this month). This was so helpful in seeing where my money was going, if I was happy with where I was spending my money and when I was spending too much in a month. Visualization.

If budgeting overwhelms you, start small. start by writing out your total monthly income. then, separate your bills out by when they are due- first half and second half. this is important. separate them out into: due 1-15 and 16-30/31 (change the dates if your pay schedule is different). by doing this, you are making sure you have enough money in BOTH halves of the month to pay bills. try this for a month and keep track (as best you can- i log onto our online banking at least 3 times a week to track both my purchases and my hubz and fill in if I happen to miss a purchase) of what you- yourself- spend. After I had done this for a few months, I saw ways we could cut some costs (changing some payments to direct debit to avoid processing fees, lowering our cell phone plan and removing the internet from my phone-which was used for work at the time, but was no longer needed and a few others that I'm sure were minor, but still kept some money in my pocket).

**If you're interested in my excel sheet, send me an email or convo me on Etsy and I can send over a copy. It changes monthly as the bills change, but it's extremely helpful for us to see what needs to be paid, how much is being saved and where our money needs to work for us that month.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

black out... part 3

Monday morning was slightly off. without electricity, you get thrown for a loop, but you also manage. here are a few photos of how we spent the day...

hand-washing bibs

line drying

line drying outside on the front porch


sitting in the highchair on the front porch (we spent most of the day there)

watching from the inside

watching from the couch

watching from the bed

my favorite picture of her as an adult. this photo tells so much of her personality. strong and confident, with a softness and sweetness in her eyes.

a Canadian moose ranger friend to watch over us while we nap

black out... part 2

a 30 minute drive turned into almost an hour and a half. my parents live somewhat in the country and the easiest/fastest way to get to them is to take country roads- long stretches of two lane highways that have an occasional side street and major intersection... the kind of street where the traffic lights are blinding at nite because there is no light pollution around to dim them like there are in "the city". the kind of road that is perfect for cool summer nite drives with the windows down. i digress.

i should have known just from getting off the highway that this wasn't going to be an easy thing. i had just under a half a tank, so i wasn't worried about gas- i was more worried about getting ticketed for being out. there were 3 gas stations and 4 fast food restaurants open off the highway exit. mind you, this is the kings island amusement park exit, so there are food joints and gas stations to your heart's content. now you could only pick the ones that the power outage spared. lines were 10-15 cars deep, spilling out onto the street. i almost wish i had my camera, but in some ways i'm glad i didn't. i got thru that mess pretty quickly and went to turn down the main artery that leads me into my parent's house. i had only just gotten past the first major intersection when i noticed there were no cars coming the other way. i looked off into the distance and saw flashing lights, so i quickly turned around and headed back for try #2.

mind you, i only lived in my parents house for a few summers and 6 months after i graduated. they moved to this new house in the middle of nowhere when i was a sophomore in college, so though i knew the area pretty well for not having lived there much, i had to visualize my routes before taking them.

i went back to the first intersection and turned, hoping this would work out a little better than the last route taken. i got deeper into the "country" part of the drive and was feeling pretty good... and then i saw her. a sheriff blocking the road and a giant birch tree laying in the ditch with power lines underneath it- and lines strewn across the street. damn. i turned around knowing i had not been able to reach the back road that would have dumped me yards from my parents' driveway.

i went back to that first intersection and turned back toward the highway. i knew it would be slightly more congested than last time, but i had no other choice. i made it thru pretty quickly again and got back on the highway. i got off at the exit that would take me thru downtown (a very historic, cute-sy downtown... it boasts the parlor shop in milk money and a historic and haunted inn- if you can name the town, maybe i'll send ya something fun!) and knowing that a section (the one section i would need to get to my parents' house) was closed, i opted to go the other route. oy. again. i ran into 2 gas stations and 3 fast food joints open and that's it. EVERYONE was in line. but, knowing these roads pretty well, i was able to sidestep the traffic pretty well pending one horn blowing incident with a jerk that decided to stop in the middle of the road to wait in the drive thru line for gold star chili- knowing the woman coming in the opposite direction was wanting to turn there as well- hence blocking traffic.

i manuevered by him with a "wave" and made my twists and turns thru the back roads. branches everywhere in the street- one tree had come down in someone's yard and clipped the corner of the roof. it was bad. i came up to my intersection where i needed to turn and all i saw where headlights as far as the eye could see... and they weren't moving. seriously?! luckily traffic going the same direction i was going was light (the other traffic was from the kroger and walmart that i'm sure were picked dry) and i got behind two other cars turning left. sweet. quick wait. i looked up at the traffic light and the yellow and green lights had been blown off... and the little red light swung there by itself.

i made my turn and thought i would be in the clear. wrong again. i started to drive down the road that would lead me to a few other "bumpkin-ish" roads, but i also knew that they were pretty likely to be intact. nope. i got half way down the road and noticed a giant telephone pole hanging at a 45 degree angle over the road, only being held by the lines themselves. flip back around... find the next road to turn down.

i took the road that a good friend of mine from high school lived on and was pretty confident i knew where to go from there. i passed by the fairgrounds and the yards were littered with metal sheeting from the barns and branches were everywhere. i found the street i thought i was supposed to turn on and turned. wrong. another friend from high school lived on this road. so i went up to the stop sign to see if i recognized the street name. water. yup. i might have to break a law, but i can get there taking this street. sure enough, i had to turn down a "road closed to thru traffic" road, dodge some tree branches laying in the road and squeeze thru the "road closed" signs at the other end of the street, but by god i made it. kind of.

i followed my normal route home, passing a cracked telephone pole and the firestation lit up like a christmas tree and held my breath as i approached my parents' street. no sheriff... no road closed signs. i turned, went up the hill and their pond glistened and i heard the angels sing. i made it. i could finally pick up my kid.

i walked in, packed her up and we headed back home. i went an entirely different route home and i took us our usual 30 minutes- 1 major intersection and highway. we made it.... after 2+ hours.

we now have power, but my parents' do not. they live pretty simply- no cable, dial up internet- that sort of thing, so they don't really notice it... the only thing my mom is worried about is how she is going to curl her hair for work tomorrow, but she told me she was going to take her styling products to work and do it there. problem solved. dad's been driving around to various relatives' houses with power dropping off frozen foods so that they don't spoil. he hits our house tomorrow if they don't get their power. priorities...

my mom has probably cleaned out the washer and dryer with q-tips by now, too... oh yes, i've caught her doing this before... we were snowed in and it was our 4th day of not being able to leave the house. she had cleaned and polished everything she could possibly find- and probably many things twice, so that only left the washer and dryer. worst part- she enjoys it. she loves it. she couldn't wait to get her hands on our house after i had the nugget. the woman is a machine and i will hire her one day (no, i will not share her, either). my dad is retired and is just as content to be outside, cut grass, clean out brush or clean up debris, so no electricity doesn't effect them much. in fact, they're probably pretty excited that their electric bill will be down this month.

so that's how we survived the "big black out of 2008" now that i think about it... this year has been big weather wise. nugget was born during the "flood of 2008" and then we had the "blizzard of 2008" right before that. oh 2008, what a charmer you have been.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

black out... part 1

it's pretty bad when you're "excited" to go to work so that you can touch base with the world.

i don't even know where to start. about 20 minutes after my post on sunday, the power went out. no big deal. the winds were strong (they said between 30mph and 40mph). we continued to clean the house up, somewhat welcoming just the sounds of the wind.

i must say one thing though- i must commend those that "ride out" hurricanes. i was never in fear, but we had a few concerns when branches- and not small branches either- began snapping like twigs on the tree in our backyard and then we saw a few shingles land in the yard. i went outside at one point and was knocked off balance. the street sign at the top of the street was twisted and bent at a 45 degree angle. so i can't even imagine sitting in your house and waiting out 130mph winds.

so- with that, we just kept working our way thru the mess and clutter.

we all spent our day in various ways.
marv chose the bathroom at one point and matilda spent it pretty much following me around or curled up somewhere she feels safe. out-of-the-norm weather makes her extremely nervous and all she wants to do is curl up with me.

where was mine spent, you ask? i never made it out of the front bedroom/office! i sorted papers, threw out stuff i hadn't looked at in years, shredded old health insurance policies, emptied out our filing cabinet and got it down to one cute little paper box... i went to work. and so did the hubs. since we had no tv he was able to buckle down and clean like we had planned. we're not quite finished because once 5:00 rolled around we were trying to figure out when and how to get the nugget back. while i was gone, the hubs got out the flashlights, bought some candles and we were ready for the nite. i finally brought her home, walked into a candle-lit living room that was sparkling clean and we all turned in a little bit earlier than expected.

i'll post a few pictures of the before and after. with having no power a few things got out of whack, so i need to do some more picking up this week to get it back to how we left it sunday nite.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brownie's Promos

I don't know if they made it in time for her monthly grab bag, but here they are ready to be shipped off! I had to take quick pictures at work, so they're a bit fuzzy...

I opted to for small 3Drug sized cards this time instead of the A2 cards I sent in to The Little Black Box. It was a better use of my time, material and honestly- I felt that the card was useful, but you weren't getting "the real deal"... ya know what I mean? I wasn't giving away a "full product"... just a sneak peek!

I'm trying to decide if I want to do The Little Black Box again. Do you ever get a feeling inside that says, "No. This isn't right for you." and then your mind says, "But you need to promote." If I DID do it, I would want to get into the November Box in hopes of catching the holiday crowd, but then again... I don't know. I feel like the 3Drug cards would work for that- even a pack of 5 gift tags... but then why would they need to come to the shop to buy? They have their gift tags and even if they DO need more, who is to say that they wouldn't just use those for someone they liked/hated (depending on if they liked the designs) and then go out to walmart to buy more. I don't know... I'm starting to wonder if tangible promotional pieces really work for me. Maybe I'll see how I fare this holiday season and then make my decisions for next year. Map it out on a schedule. Plan.

Today is a fun filled day of cleaning. The hubs is hosting poker next friday and our house is in need of a MAJOR overhaul. We haven't done this since nugget was born. It's not that we're messy/dirty people. It's that we live in a small cape cod with 2 giant dogs and a little one. We clean every week- the nuggets room gets THOROUGHLY cleaned every week, but when you live in small quarters there isn't much room for the dirt and dust to go but on top of what's already there. My philosophy is that in bigger houses, there are more places for the dirt to go- thus it "looks" cleaner. We are also big fans of making piles for later... and later comes and we are too busy playing catch up or we just don't have time. This has been our busiest summer yet- I've been trying to get work steadily coming in, hubs has been studying like crazy for his exams to be a registered architect (so he can design/build my next house) and we've both been trying to keep up with nugget (she's visiting grandpa and nonna today so we can clean, use cleaning products and concentrate on that). It's hard because one of us essentially loses a productive work day while watching Charlotte. It's okay though. We're getting our schedules worked out and working together and I think that's what's important. We support each other and in the goal each of us is trying to achieve, so it's a great system we have set up, I think.

I took before pictures, so if I'm brave enough to show my house in disarray, I'll show the before/after shots... and if not- just the after! If anything, I should probably show my work area... that might sting a little, but I got myself in this mess- I have to get myself out! One thing I will show in the near future is the before/after shots of the house in general. I think we've done really well with the house with what we had to work with. It's not the most glamorous house, but I'm happy with it so far!

i never pretend to understand this pooch.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This makes it worth it...

swinging in polka dot pants...

lounging in a tutu...

Wish granted...

from yesterday

on the agenda...

• one last design for the Willett notecards- CHECK! and sent...
• print, fold and cut promos due at the end of the week! oy...- CHECK! in the mail today
• moving cards (as seen below)- too tired from above
• holiday holiday holiday- not enough time.

YAY! the biggies and the important ones are off the plate.
nugget went to sleep around 8, so i opted to stay up until about 11:45 to finish up the notecards and promos. i'm so glad i did because not only do i have my sewing lesson tonite, but ms. jill hannah made a purchase while i was snoozing away! yay- thank you jill! i'm so excited to send out my first stationery order since my re-opening... it was a great surprise after a long nite!

more will come later. i took some photos of the promos before i sent them out and of a baby shower card i made for a co-worker... but i might wait until after the shower on monday to post that just in case she decides to read today!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I Wish I Wish I Wish

One full day 12am to 12am... to just sit down- no interruptions- no housework- music going to get in "the zone"-

to just work.

i haven't done this since college. i can remember sitting in the computer lab on sunday afternoons when i worked (when no one came in) and just buckling down. i was able to get in and get out before the 9pm crammers came in begging for seat.

i need that right now to empty out my head. everything is swishing around in there and clogging up the creative holes so that nothing else comes up.

*fingers crossed it's a 7:30 bedtime tonite! hubz has soccer at 10, so i'd have the house to myself for almost 4 hours... please please please!*

on the agenda...

• one last design for the Willett notecards
• print, fold and cut promos due at the end of the week! oy...
• moving cards (as seen below)
• holiday holiday holiday

4 hours... make it work!
i think i might take a day or two off work to make this happen... how do the rest of you do it?!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Fish Little Pond

Currently in the process of being reworked...

and not really sure why i didn't think of this the first time around!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leila and Ben giveaway...

oh i want.
and if i can't have, then i must buy the pattern.

Itch to Stitch

okay so that was a completely corny headline, but it's somewhat true. I have had this overwhelming urge to learn how to sew in the past few months. I've begun to take lessons with a GREAT lady named Maryalice and it's fueling my sewing urge even more. Then I got to thinking- how does this tie into Five Dot? Does it?

The more I thought about it, the more I thought that it didn't... but then again my goal for Five Dot was three-fold... a successful stationery business that not only creates custom wedding invitations, but dabbles in Children's apparel. Now that I've written that out, it sounds a bit ridiculous, but honestly, I had the interest in the clothing side, but not the means to an end. Ever since creating a branding package for a fictitious children's clothing company, I've had many people comment on how I should pursue this venture (even though I had NO sewing experience EVER in college). I had a great name for the company... I have a great logo... I even presented a great retail space in my presentation for jobs.

In an attempt to document the beginning, middle and hopefully fairytale end, I've started another blog. Here is where I will post my sewing adventures in hopes of creating a sort of documentary of the company. The True Hollywood Story, if you will. I'll probably reference my projects and such on this site as well, but for the most part- this blog will be dedicated to Five Dot the stationery company and me in general as I steer this business venture (so, yes. it seems logical to tack on ANOTHER venture to that process as well.) this may span out or i might fall flat on my face. either way i'm prepared and i'm excited!

My first few posts over at Grasstains will deal mostly in my learning to sew. As I get more and more comfortable (and get an actual machine), I'll get more into the building of the brand from there.

I have the etsy shop all staked out and ready to fill up once I get going. oh boy...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Color me happy

i have to admit that i don't use my "favorite" color in my work much at all. I love me some orange, but i tend to lean toward red in my work. someone mentioned in the forums that i have a lot of blue in my etsy shop (which oddly enough is true!) and i have to admit that blue is also one of my favorites.

here is my wedding invitation.

i love my programs. i think it would have been cool to create the invitation like the program. i have a design that never made it out of the design phase of something very similar, so i think i might try and flush it out into a new design for my shop.

how here's some more blue

the final photo is made the same way as this program, but- obviously- with more pages

Monday, September 1, 2008

EtsyBloggers featured Blogger: Joey & Aleethea

I just joined the EtsyBlogger Team in hopes of not only making some good connections in the blog/etsy world, but to also give me some blogging ideas and keep things in full circle within the blog- writing about my business, my goals and introducing new bloggers and shop owners to my little neck of the woods- and vice versa.

So this months featured blogger is the head of the EtsyBloggers Team, so I look forward to learning more about her. Joey & Aleethea is having a great giveaway that ends tomorrow (so hurry up and enter!) Be sure to also check out her shop.

i love her little cabana lounge pants- i'm a sucker for itsy bitsy feet sticking out from little pants (and look at that little tummy pooch!).

if you have a free moment, take a peek at her shop- she has some super cute items up for grabs!