Monday, September 14, 2009

Imma sucker

for a a full skirt.
I would have DIED to wear something like this at my wedding...

check out Style Me Pretty for a few more...
what i wouldn't give to own one of these!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Check out Christy, the guest blogger on Simply Hue today!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Inspiration Board :: Vintage Cameras

Photography is slowly becoming more and more prevalent in my day to day life (more on that in a second). With two professional photographers and a slew of amateur photographers in the family and multiple friends pursuing their professional careers, beautiful images are in front of me constantly, allowing me to fill the walls of the house with nothing but shots I've taken, hubs has taken or friends/family have taken-you'll be hard pressed to find many mass-produced images in the shoebox.

Starting up next week, 3 lovely ladies and myself will be taking "a shot a week" and posting them over here (there's nothing to look at just yet, but give us a week and you'll have all sorts of eye-candy). Mary, Katie and Melissa are just as excited as I am to get this project rolling and I'm just super excited to flex my camera muscles a little. (Note, Katie and Melissa are two of the above mentioned friends pursuing their professional careers, so any ol' shot won't do in this collaboration). A shot a day seemed too intimidating (and honestly, I would only be setting myself up for failure if I would have agreed to a project like that), so having a full week to take some shots will give me plenty of time with my camera while keeping things relaxed and fun.

We headed out to the country yesterday to visit the in-laws and my MIL produced a lovely little gem- a vintage Brownie. It now sits proudly on the shelf in the living room, waiting for more friends to join her... don't you worry- I'm on the lookout!


(Did you notice the "Becker's Potato Chips" block next it? Super excited to get goodie bags printed up with this! You can bet I'll be shoving this idea onto every Becker that gets married from here on out... I'm all about starting some traditions!)