Friday, May 29, 2009


this is for those of you keeping score (which i'm sure there aren't that many of you). and if you have no interest in weight loss talk- skip down to the • • • • •

down 15.

10 to go.

here's how that pans out. ignore the bad photos. there isn't much lighting to work with up in the loft at 11:30 at nite.
to recap, the red dress is what i was in after Little Miss came about. attractive, i know. the blue is my goal dress. my coveted blue dress. the dress i've only been able to wear once in my life... but WILL wear again. to a wedding. in july. come hell or high water.

the green dress is what i'm in now... and it's actually a tad bit big, but i'm not going to press my luck. i'm in it. i'm comfortable and it still looks good with 3 inch heels. cannot WAIT to get out in this.

and just for fun i tried on the coveted blue dress tonite. it zips up... but it ain't goin out in public any time soon. it fits. i could wear it... but i'd get a few looks and i DEFINITELY wouldn't be comfortable or confident. and that's okay. i have time... and i'm making progress.
(side note- express is selling the exact same coveted blue dress except 5 inches shorter right now. i think i might have to go buy the green one just because...)

so, slowly but surely i'm getting there. biggest loser starts up again this week at work and i'm determined to win this time (watch out lynn!)... i've really severely cut down my wardrobe since most things from last year don't fit (and i stupidly threw out most of my favorite stuff in a pregnancy this-will-never-ever-fit rage), so i'm desperately in need of a summer wardrobe. i'm hoping i'll be able to make some slight alterations to some of my favorite "bigger" clothes in an attempt to not go out and spend a lot of money on clothes i'll hopefully have to replace in a month or so. i already need to buy new jeans-- even though i just bought 2 new pair a month ago. yikes. good thing i really only wear dresses in the summer.

• • • • •

so here i am... doing the same thing i do everytime i'm absent from blog world. i write a post, save the draft, write another draft. read both, feel awkward and completely moronic in both post and then end up writing whatever finally gets posted. um, get a life. i know. just write the damn blog post.

... and this is where i blank. every form of my social media that requires updating has been terribly neglected (except facebook which is my new BFF).

let's do this in list form...
• first big wedding out the door last week. i didn't design them, just sourced materials and printed, but nonetheless it was a big job. who knew finding magenta envelopes and navy envelopments would turn into phone call after phone call and countless searches. but, i found both just in time and no one has called me crying yet to tell me they hate them, so i think i'm in the clear with this one.

• second big wedding started printing this weekend. this bride is absolutely adorable and she's been a dream to work with- all the way in PA. more on that after i get them printed and assembled.

• i've had a few more inquiries for quotes, so we'll see how those pan out. my Sarah invitation seems to be pretty popular these days.

• so many projects going on in my head and not enough projects making it into layout. it's a bit frustrating... especially when i think one has really great potential. i've somewhat decided to concentrate more on the wedding aspect of my business but i want to keep the custom stationery pieces available for options sake. i've begun to offer the invitations "unassembled" as a money saver and almost all of my brides have taken advantage of this.

• i'm hoping to get a few descriptions written up this week for a few of my new invitations so i can get them listed on etsy. i haven't listed any new product for awhile, just renewed what's been in there. not sure if it will get done, but it's on my to-do list.

• i ordered a fun new printers block for margaret. Little Miss is headed to the grandparents house this weekend- all weekend- so i'm hoping to spend some quality time printing downstairs. i've already gotten shot down for buying a bigger press because "you don't use the one you have" to which i responded that wasn't fair because i haven't had time. so margaret... let's hang out this weekend, okay?

i think that about sums it up. it's girls-only-no-boys-allowed week here... hubs is on a business trip and then off for a bachelor party, so Little Miss and i will be fending for ourselves. i've already got my girls lined up for the week and i'm working on the weekend festivities, so i'm definitely excited to have the nites to myself to hopefully (cross your fingers!) get some work done and just be productive.

... yeah and i'll work on posting more regularly. promise.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A few things

I've been busy with

Carolyn & Jake

Carolyn & Jake

Carolyn & Jake


Danielle's Save the Date

Danielle's Save the Date

Danielle's Graduation

Danielle's Graduation