Tuesday, May 27, 2008

long weekends never mean productivity

long weekends usually equal super busy for us or super productive. this weekend was super busy. poor little nugget was partied out by the time she got to her 3rd party of the weekend and being the wonderful mother i am, i managed to allow her to get her first sun tan... yes, at 9 weeks. poor little thing... we stripped her down to naked baby and let her hang out on the couch last nite with us. i think she was just completely over being somewhere other than home and being passed around like a hot potato to different people... so she was exhausted, hot and cranky after everyone left. my poor parents- she just cried and cried and cried until we left. poor little fried chicken nugget.

we also took the pups up to my parents to run. the hubz said he's never seen marv run so fast- fat boy has some speed! it was a bit muggy (another reason nugget was uncomfortable) so they took two laps around the neighbor's house, a short romp session with buttercup, the neighbor's lab and they were done for the day. this is their usual riding fashion- matilda looking out the back window for motorcycles and marv laying on the ground trying to figure out why he's in a moving vehicle.

i also received this FABULOUS thank you package from K is for Calligraphy for the give away grab bag i sent out for taking my survey. it just makes me want to design something just for calligraphy so i can have her write it out for me! i'm a little miffed at myself because i completely destroyed the envelope.

i was holding nugget and trying to open it at the same time with only one hand (i was just so excited!!!), however, i managed to at least save it to the point of relative recognition. perfect lesson in "patience is a virtue." here are the goodies inside!

i had to take the photos out on the front porch because the orange i chose for our living room always does a number on the color in my photos. i kinda like it! maybe i'll test taking product photos out there when i'm up and running...which i hope is soon.

since i've already touched on it, i'll throw out a few thoughts on the re-open. i really want to get in there before schools start back. my mind is swirling with ideas and i've managed to get some into illustrator. i've just had another idea pop in my mind as i'm sitting here and i'm hoping it doesn't go into hiding by the time i can get in there and flush it out. i'm also watching my business account dwindle because i'm still paying for my website to be up and running (yet, haven't redone the layout and such yet- that comes after the etsy shop designs unfortunately).

more and more posts on the NSS are popping up in blogs and it's really motivating me to get my ass in gear. i must say, though, that i'm a bit disappointed that alot of the blogs are featuring the same booths... and the bigger name booths that many know about and already love. i guess i'm really interested in the newbie- smaller companies and such, but hey- picky post readers should get their ass to the stationery show then, huh? so, i can't complain for everyone being generous and sharing the information they've collected!

so my blog calendar says i should be writing about architecture today. i'm not in the mood, i guess. or maybe i am and i'm not sure what my thought process was when i wrote that down. i think it's because of all this housing talk in the media and amongst renting friends that had me scouring the real estate pages to see what was available. we don't HAVE to move, but if we find something amazing, we can definitely consider it. at times i thought my calling was to be a space planner (and in some ways i still do think that) because i walk into houses and automatically i knock down walls, rearrange furniture and paint walls in my head. why i don't apply this whole concept to my own house, i'm not sure. i think when it comes to my own stuff i blank. but, i must say i've opened up my house to color this past year. i don't think i really knew what i wanted when we moved in, but it's pretty defined now... well at least for the time being.

Friday, May 23, 2008

sneaky peek

before i get to the sneak peek- big ups to cardiology for their mention on design*sponge! they're in the national stationery show part 2 section of her post- yay stacy and kristen!

here's your sneak peek for this week! once the idea is fully flushed out for these, i'll do a formal announcement of what it's all about. but for now, this is what you get!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

researching and digging and researching...

i came to the conclusion today that if i could be a professional business organizer, i'd be a millionaire. i think i've spent more time researching, organizing, writing, etc etc for five dot than i have actually designing! in some ways i think it's my way of procrastinating and being afraid my ideas and designs will be rejected. so i continue to organize... and sadly i'm really good at it. do i have a new calling? what would oprah say? QUIT YOUR JOB AND FOLLOW YOUR STRENGTHS! no thank you. i'll stay put for awhile and keep my organizing strength to myself... unless someone wants to hire me :-)
i've been researching shops on etsy now for about 3 hours and i've only made it thru 6 whole shops- sweet jebus! i'm finding out such great information... and i still have another 25 or so shops to go thru by sunday nite. i'm mostly trying to get a feel for pricing, policies, offerings and printing method. i've chosen a good deal of shops that i consider to be comparable to my own style, so i'm hoping all this information will be appropriate to my re-opening and how i structure things.

... and i do all of this while the hubz watches shrek 3 "with" the nugget.

here's a little sneak peek of a little something i'm working on...

not very telling, but that's half the fun!
be on the look out for a give away soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


oy vey! so after rooting around some more on etsy, i added a slew of shops to my research list... as if i had the time! i now have 31 shops on my list (i'm not touching the letterpress except to buy!) i know deep down that there are a ton of shops left in etsy land for me to research, but i can't do that to myself. the way i look at it is that these shops are doing something to make themselves been seen, so be proud to be studied! you're doing something right!! :-)

so in honor of the National Stationery Show this week, i give you...

(i'll be honest, some of the shops shown are on my research list)
as usual, start at the top, work left to right and drop down to the next line

1. erinruth :: i adore wrapping paper even though i can't wrap to save my life. erinruth has an amazing selection of beautiful papers... almost makes you not want to open the gift!

2. jellybeans :: i am IN LOVE with this artists' style... absolutely beautiful pieces! the color combinations are my favorite

3. cheerupcherup :: for whatever reason i'm completely into vintage and really into armchairs?! yes! so this lovely little card would be perfect for me and my new obsession

4. tarahogan :: i love the simplicity and the cleanliness of this design.

5. runnerbean :: i've featured runner before, but i absolutely LOVE these rolled paper little critters! definitely on my list of purchases for the near future.

6. polkadotshop :: for whatever reason i'm all about breakfast and breakfast foods. we had french toast last nite, in fact. so when i see a lovely spread of breakfast happiness made out of paper- who can resist?

7. 12fifteen :: almost looks like you're looking thru a microscope in high school biology class, huh?

8. tuccipaperco :: helloooo color! i love it when stationery designers aren't afraid to go for the big punch of color!

9. pistachiopress :: probably one of the most beautifully pressed cards i've seen since cardiology cards' lace wedding line.

10. threeredhens :: spring is in the air... and so are little baby critters. these little hedgehogs were just too cute to pass up

11. invitapaperstudio :: don't we all?

12. erinzam :: i love the upcycling erin has done- seeing as how i'm a paper pad/notebook hoarder, i will most likely own one in the near future.

13. storybymia :: i ordered some cards from mia a few months ago. she packages them beautifully! this card just makes me want to get a cup of hot chocolate and sit by the window during a rainy day.

14. afavorite :: one of my favorites! i've had the pleasure of spending a lovely week with amber at the stationery show last year and this girl is so much fun... right down to her converse chucks! amazingly talented this girl sure is!

15. elfrida :: being the pattern freak i am, the color combined with the fun pattern melts my heart with happiness! slightly reminiscent of a spirograph, but a little more elegantly refined

16. mel829 :: why not take something racy and make it elegant? fantastic!

17. turtlepapers :: i really like the colors used here

18. chewingthecud :: i saw this on a treasury page and fell in love for whatever reason. just a stealth wit about it.

19. pinklilypress :: a yummy way to record your yummy favorites!

20. fubabee :: love the whimsical feel of this print.

21. niftypear :: summer's a-comin'!!

22. annacote :: not only do i love the product, but i love how methodical the packaging was considered. just another reason to love anna's work!

23. laurageorge :: more breakfast... i heart toast!

24. smackofjellyfish :: i first learned of smack from dailycandy... then i met the designer at the stationery show and now i've found her on etsy! yay! i love her one of a kind approach to her design subject.

Monday, May 12, 2008

what's in your wallet?

if someone were to walk past my desk at work or even see me walking out of the building, they would probably think i'm a very busy and important girl. bags on each arm, life organizer held close so i don't lose it, PDA phone in hand in case someone oh-so-important calls... the list could go on. but let's face it. i'm not that big of a deal. i just like to have my stuff with me and i like to have my life written out and in one spot.

so what could be in all these great bags and binders i tote around? i'll give you a sneak peek...

let's start with my "chanel" bag... bought off the streets of NYC for $35 (a nice steal if you ask me... i kept insisting that i didn't have enough cash on me to buy it for $55 and $45, so he settled on $35 and i settled for going to the ATM)

1. this lovely rainbow contraption holds lovely photos of my little nugget... for when i talk to people that have yet to meet her and are suckers for baby pictures.

2. my cute little zippered bag sent to me by beanpicklesprout... it's fun floral fabric with a cute little pear sewn on the front. in here you will find an emergency soothie in case we're out and about and need one STAT :: stroller rings- these are great when shopping. hook them on the handles of your stroller, clip your bags on and walk with ease :: a little swipey from frankandme for quick clean ups :: lipsmacker- my sister in law used to work there, so i'm set til i see my great grandkids off to college and then i have another chappy that i won from noodles&co :: hand sanitizer :: stain remover pen :: glasses repair tube :: broken keyless entry for work :: office depot discount card :: nugget's hair clip from shopmayapapaya

3. sketchbook for my brilliant ideas!

4. hello kitty pencil bag holds the overflow of my pen/pencil/ sharpie collection. i'm am a self-admitted pen/pencil/writing utensil junkie. i love anything that writes. when i would wait for my mom after school, i used to walk the halls and collect the pens and pencils that were lost by others on the floor. i always found some great stuff. i'm also a paper tablet hoarder. i love pads of paper- good thing i create stationery.

5. reusable target bag for quick shopping trips or an extra bag to carry my treasures home

6. martha stewert wedding magazine. it said it was the collector's edition of the 270 favorite things and i like to keep up with the wedding trends

7. iPod and vera bag holding all my cables and attachments

8. coach wallet holding business cards (so i can look snazzy when i pull them out!)

9. gap polka dot umbrella

10. odds and ends pocket and another pocket of pens :-)

11. keys

12. deep down in there is a wireless iPod player for the car, vera wallet and my monkey change purse

next up: my modern day trapper keeper. let me first explain its purpose and place in my heart. i used to carry around loose papers, file folders, client files, invoices, et and i would constantly have to stack and restack to find 1 thing. so, when watching all the back to school ads, they advertised the mead fivestar ***** binder and i fell in love. we now have as follows

1. my secret little pocket with my etsy research in there...

2. tab 1 :: my planner (with a fun oversized paperclip from buttonboutique). i'm constantly revamping my planner until i find something i'm happy with, but for now, this is my version of organized chaos. for awhile i relied on my phone to keep track of my life, but missed actually writing stuff down. i have a photographic memory and i could always see my planner in my head when planning weekends and dinners and such so i knew right away if i was busy. with the phone, i can't see the big picture and would miss appointments, be late or find out last minute- i hated it. in high school, i used to color coordinate but that was when i had time to do stuff like that.

3. tab 2: lists. i love lists. i love writing lists, making lists, making up lists- i love everything about lists. and i wish i used this tab. i have notebooks everywhere with notes and lists in them, but i've never ever consolidated them into one spot and this tab is no exception.

4. tab 3: grocery and a secret list. i always found myself going to the grocery, clipping my coupons and constantly forgetting what the coupons were for or how many i had to buy... so i made my own grocery list. i'm still refining it for my etsy shop, but i've been using it for over a year now and i love it. i take along one of my mini file folders (that will be making an appearance in my shop as well) to hold all my beloved coupons and all i have to do is pull the coupons out at the check out. it saves me from buying too many or too few and from stopping in the middle of the aisle to read my stupid coupon.

5. extra tabs for extra stuff.

6. notepad. i had high hopes for this notepad and i will one day find its calling, but for now it remains blank.

7. clear sleeves for reference information... mailable sizes, dimensions of cards and their envelopes, print costs, the chip charts for the paper i use the most (you would be surprised by how many people talk stationery when you least expect it and how much more eager they become about purchasing when they get to look at chip charts!)

8. business card holders. these are either vendors i like, use or just plain want to remember. a lot of them came from the stationery show last year (btw- good luck to those vendors going this year!) and some are just contacts from the wedding industry.

9. finally, my lone file folder of papers waiting to be disbursed out into the binder! a good chunk of it is business related- ideas, research, etc so it will probably need it's own tab here...hmmm something to do today...

so there's a look into my very important belongings. you now know that i only like to make myself THINK i'm important with all my stuff, but i must say that when i'm sitting at work and an idea pops in my head or i remember something- i have everything i need either in my bag or my binder and thoughts don't get lost!

Friday, May 9, 2008

they've been so good

i'm not convinced who is more tired- us or them. hopefully the weekend is nice and they can get outside and romp around a bit!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AIGA- sweet little binder

before i get into my post on my nifty little binder, i need to give a shout out to the stationery give-away winners!!

Katy of KisforCalligraphy
Kimberly of MakintheBestOfIt
Peggy of PeggMackoDesigns
Cassie of SomethingfromCassie

Check these ladies out!

ok so the AIGA binder. my department manager enrolled all of the designers in AIGA. i was a member in college, but couldn't afford the professional rate after that. well... little did i know that you would get this sweet binder for being "professional" i must say i haven't read it yet- just skimmed it- ok read the insert titles, but it looks like it will be a very useful tool. in the binder you get... "A Client's Guide to Design: How to Get the Most Out of the Process", "Use of Fonts", "Use of Software", "Sales Tax", "Print Design and Environmental Responsibility", "Use of Photography" and "Standard Form of Agreement or Design Services." i'll sit down and read my binder next week sometime and pass along any information i can pull out of there.

just a little sneak peek at a new series i'm working on... i have a feeling the printing process will take some tweeking on these, but it will turn out pretty darn nice, if i do say so myself.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Packaging Survey

First and foremost, I have chosen the 5 winners of the newsletter stationery pack give away! Winners have been notified and their MO will be noted in another post.

Now, here are the results of the survey i took on packaging...

1. When ordering any sort of paper good, be it stationery or something else, what sort of shipping packaging do you expect to arrive on your doorstep?

- cardboard mailer 43%

bubble mailer 20%
box 23%
regular envelope with some extra cushion 11%
other 1%

2. If you knew your paper goods were being packaged in a sturdy box to almost guarantee no bent corners, wrinkles or creases, would you be willing to pay a little extra in shipping fees?

- yes 77%

3. Would you rather be given the opportunity to upgrade your packaging to a sturdy box or would you rather be given the option to downgrade to a bubble mailer/cardboard mailer?

- upgrade to a sturdy box 63%

4. Are you more likely to buy multiple paper goods at one time (i.e. a few single cards to round out the "oh-shoot-i-forgot-to-get-a-card" stash and/or a set or two to have on hand for gifts or unexpected correspondence needs), on an as need basis (single or multiples- depending on what you need) or do you buy one card/set at a time?

-buy multiple paper goods at one time 56%

as need basis 37%
one card/set at a time 5%

5. If buying multiple items, would you appreciate receiving your items in a carefully packed box as opposed to feeling as if they were crammed into a bubble/cardboard mailer?

- carefully packaged box 82%

6. If buying single items, would you appreciate receiving your items in a carefully packed box as opposed to feeling as if they were crammed into a bubble/cardboard mailer?

- bubble/cardboard mailer 70%

7. Would you be more inclined to purchase paper goods from a seller that told you they shipped your items in a sturdy box and outlined their packaging process (i.e. "i ship all items wrapped in bubble wrap and placed into a sturdy box to protect your paper goods, etc etc etc) as opposed to someone that did not tell you either way or simply stated they send their goods in a bubble/cardboard mailer?

- yes 61%

8. When buying multiple paper goods at one time, would you appreciate free upgraded shipping to a box if you spend X amount at one time (paying regular bubble/cardboard mailer shipping prices) or free shipping on X amount of dollars if the main method of the seller's shipping was in a box?

- free shipping on x amount of dollars if the main method of seller's shipping was in a box 53%

i wanted to share a few of the comments left regarding the "additional thoughts/comments" section on the survey

- The PO does so much damage- I really appreciate you taking the time to work out the best shipping method so the customer's happy!

- Use Priority Mail. The boxes are free!

- If I were ordering 1 or 2 cards it would be fine for it to come to me in a rigid mailer

- I think outlining the packaging process is very important, especially for online ordering. I would hesitate to buy, or probably not buy, a stationery or paper product if I wasn't sure that an effort was going to be made to get it to me without damage

- When I'm ordering in mass, I want them packed well in a box. Make sure that nothing can shift because then I have bent corners.

- Why not give an option: This much for a box and this much for a bubble/cardboard mailer

- I'd rather pay more and know that my items will be received in perfect condition. Presentation is EVERYTHING!

- I use those folded clear boxes from impactimages.com. It protects and lets the customer have a box they can store while waiting to use the next card.

- Anyone can go to their local Hallmark... but when you purchase on Etsy (or online), it's more "special" so you expect the packaging to be more on par.

- (You can) cut two same-sized pieces of corrugated cardboard just slightly larger than the stationery, then sandwich the stationery between the card cardboard (with the prints in a cellophane sleeve) and then wrap that in brown paper. It's much sturdier than a bubble mailer, plus i sincerely appreciate the seller's use of recycled materials.

- How you pack it is protection for the seller, not the buyer... so you, as the seller should do whatever it takes to feel confident that your items will get there in a reasonable manner, and you as the seller assume the risks.

- I prefer boxes when ordering a lot, but i hate receiving a little item in a box with lots of filler. It just seems wasteful.

Friday, May 2, 2008

ooo baby!

so in the spirit of the nuggets 2 month "birthday" (last week, at least) i thought i would do a post on baby items. I can't get enough of the items people come up with and these handmade items really do make a great impression when given as gifts or when you whip them out in public. I've listed here a few of my favorite shops... some i've bought from (numerous times) and some i've admired from afar- but not for long! i've chosen only a few to highlight here, but if you browse my favorites, you'll find tons more (for another post!). my nugget is no ordinary nugget so i'm constantly looking for fun things to set her apart from the other kids (and make me look good, too!). i also hope these shops have google alerts so they know they're being featured! :-)

Frank & Me

i do believe i have paid for this child's first year of college with all that i've bought from frank&me. i don't remember how i stumbled upon lauren's shop, but i can't get enough of it! i use her burp monsters when we go out (great conversation piece!) and her little swipies are perfect for quick wipes out in public. much more attractive than regular burp cloths are cloth diapers.


i had the privledge of creating bean's etsy banner and it as so much fun- she's great to work with! in return she sent me some fabulous pieces from her shop- they have a sophistication to them that isn't too serious. i use my zippered pouch to hold nugget's emergency items in my purse and the bibs are tucked into her diaper bag for when we go out and she needs to eat (she's a messy eater!). i love the turtle she sent me as well... i can't wait until nugget's old enough to appreciate it!


i was given the cute little goldfish clip by co-workers as a gift to the nugget. i immediately went to maya's shop and looked around- after telling her how adorable the clip was! i ended up purchasing the flower clip for her to wear out at parties and such. we got her clip this past week and it's adorable on her! (i know, i'm bias, but come on!) these clips are also strong and durable. the felt is so think, but pliable enough to "mold" to nugget's head and lay flat.


so mayabella was the only shop i could find a stuffed letter that i really really liked. when i got this in the mail earlier this week i was so excited- it turned out amazing! i chose the colors to match nugget's room and i couldn't be happier. and honestly, anyone that can make a donkey, an owl and a horse look so darn cute, i have to go back to buy from! how can you not love those faces!! this is also one of the shops where i would love to see her workspace... i'm imagining owls perched on shelves and horses and donkeys in a wooden crate placed on astroturf.


i cannot WAIT until babyleila comes out with their new designs! how could you not love a little boy walking around in those shorts carrying that plushie- ADORABLE! i haven't ordered from babyleila yet (note: they're in canada, but we love our neighbors to the north!), but i'm always checking their site to see what's new. i've also checked out their blog- you should definitely do the same.


when i first found felt, i didn't know if i was having a girl or a boy, so i had to hold off on purchasing. so now that i have my little dress up doll, she's picking one of felt's adorable purses out for her very own (and then i'm picking mine out!) felt's work is absolutely amazing... check out their people purses! (note: she's in the UK, but i looked at shipping and it isn't bad at all! yay!) i think once nugget is at that age where she's grown into her "look" i'll have one of those made for her. i also check out felt's blog and she gives a sneak peak of the construction of these amazing pieces... i'm just jealous i couldn't snatch up the goldfish!

so those are my picks for the baby line. like i said, i have a ton more in my favorites, so take a stroll thru (i also have a ton of great paper sellers on etsy, so take a gander at them as well.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

digging a little deep

so my quest for researching has begun. i managed to find 45 stationery shops- 22 which specialize in letterpress- to start researching price points, trends and sales. i feel like i'm taking on a big project, considering i've found so many great stationery designers, but i feel this is a necessary step if i want to take this business seriously. i mentioned before that i wanted my next job to be one in which i work for myself in my fantastic little studio (or work room... i'm not going to be picky), so if that's going to happen, i need to think business and not all pleasure. that may mean i stay on maternity leave... and switch it over to mid-life crisis leave... but i'm okay with that. then again, this is only the first step. some may ask why letterpress when you don't offer letterpress? why? because i love it. plain and simple. i won't be using these shops as part of my research, but design wise, they fit in the trend category.

the plan:: what i plan to do is "study" each shop... what are they selling? how is their work printed? what is their pricing structure like? i'm a big advocate of charging what something should cost, not basing it on what the market is charging (even though many people insist on "well xyz is selling for $3 cheaper and in order for me to compete, i have to lower my prices." no. stick to your guns and have pride in your work and your time spent. this is another post for another time, however.) i would like to see where my products fall in the market.

i also plan on purchasing a few products from shops i've really kept an eye on and whom i see as "direct competition"- it's important to look at craft, materials, print method and overall wow factor. to me, these are key.

i am taking notes on what is not being offered at this time as well... is there a niche i can capture now while no one or very few are offering the product? i already have a few things in the works... just little ideas waiting to grace the pages of etsy! my little notebook is fresh and ready to accept all the thoughts i have to get down on paper (yes, i'm handwriting all of this. why? because i love notebooks filled with handwritten thoughts. i'm weird- i've accepted this a long time ago.)

this is something i would encourage all shops to do every quarter or every 6 months. take inventory of what's out there and what you're up against, not just what's in your own shop. know your market and what's being offered. is the market over saturated in a particular item you offer? can you rework that piece to make it stand out? do you even want to carry that piece anymore? i'd guess that 75% or more of the design business is the the actual business side of things. there is a lot of talent out there, so you have to know how to pull yourself out of the pack and get noticed.

though i'm not the biggest cheerleader for oprah, i did watch her show with marcus buckingham. marcus is an expert on helping you take control of your career and helping you realize what it is you should really be doing with your career. i've been listening to the podcast while working and some of it is common knowledge, some of it is alot like i see oprah- forget about real life and follow your heart no matter if you go poor or you make somewhat irrational decisions doing it... at least you're following your heart and then some of it is helping you, yourself, figure out what you're good at and how to incorporate that into either the job you have or find the job you should be doing. i'm hoping this exercise will help me figure out what i should be doing with my career.

marcus has you go thru an exercise for a week at work where you write down "i loathed it" and " i loved it" for week pertaining to things you do at work. this is to help you recognized the verbs of your job, really and the strengths and weaknesses you possess. many in the exercise found that the things they were good at were things they loathed to do. his suggestion? offer to do the things you like to do over and over and then you just might get asked to keep doing them and your role switches- ta da! you've just reworked your job to work for you. of course, he makes it sound much more simple than it really is, i'm sure, but it never hurts to try and make the 8+ hours you spend at work a little more tolerable.

so i'm going to try this. next week at work i'm going to keep my loathed and loved cards and see where it gets me- for both jobs if possible (even though a majority of my own business is done at my regular job- whooops!). i'm going to see if i can figure out what my calling in life should be! this could be intereting.

have a great weekend!

blog calendar!

today is the first day of my blog calendar! i'm slightly excited- this will help me stay on task and keep me motivated to research and look and learn more about design and all it's components. although it would be great, i won't be blogging everyday just yet... i just don't have the time and i just can't commit to it.

i printed out the results of my survey this morning and read over all the comments. i've highlighted points i want to convey and i must say, i received a lot of good feedback. and those of you that signed up for the stationery give away- i haven't forgotten you! i will be going thru the email addresses tonite, choosing one out of a hat and then contacting the winner via email. once i get confirmation from them, i'll announce the winner and link their etsy shop (if they have one) for all to enjoy!

before i forget! i was witty enough to name a sock dog!! threeredtrees sent me this fantastic card which i cannot wait to send to someone. i love her animals and once we get hospital bills sorted out, i'll be purchasing one for the nugget. i'm a huge supporter of donating to the animal shelter and plan to do something similar in my shop (once i figure out not only where i want to donate, but what i will offer in my shop... i have a few ideas running around).

it's now off to research topics for my blog calendar!