Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is the second blog post I've started today. The first was at work- got caught up in, you guessed it- work and then here we go again at 10:30 at nite thinking I'm going to have anything witty and meaningful to post and that even if I DID have anything witty and meaningful that I would be able to string two sentences together to make it comprehendable- or comprehensible. Whatever. I'm tired over here.

Very random : can i just say that according to my webtracker, 2 of the top searches that land you on my blog are "let's get to the party don't be tardy" and "let's have a party don't you be tardy." I'm not sure if I should curse or thank Kim from RHWof Atlanta for that.

The day job is definitely keeping me busy leaving me somewhat unproductive on new product, which frustrates me to no end. I have some great opportunities in front of me (um, hello TheKnot.com!) and I can't run with them like I should. I've been toying with a few changes to my business plan and I'm thinking I might like the path a little better than the one I'm on now. It wouldn't shake things up too much, but it would discontinue a few things, which is okay by me. I've been contemplating a gradual move out of the stationery world and strictly into the wedding world, but I'm not 100% convinced I'm ready to give it up. It just gets a little frustrating when I make plans to unveil a new line or new branch of the business and then find I don't have time to execute things properly. I've never been one to hesitate to hold off on releasing new product, when I've said it would be coming, for lack of cohesiveness and to make sure it's just right (um, hello? typewriter project? still in my brain waiting to have the final details ironed out!). I'm thinking stationery might have to become one of those "filler" projects or a "when the idea strikes" project.

And then there is my poor neglected Margaret, The Letterpress... *sigh*

I've had a slew of lovely brides fly thru my door as of lately... invites, reception pieces- the works! It's been great pulling together variations of my "staple" designs and being able to find ways to work with all budgets. I've found that many girls are able to put their craftiness to work and opt for a slightly fancier invitation in exchange for assembling all the pieces themselves. It's a great timesaver for me and a great budget saver for the girls. That has also left me with a stack of finished work that needs to be photographed and uploaded to Flickr.

With that said, I'm afraid I won't make my self-imposed deadline for my desk accessory line. I have a few pieces of fabric designed, but not ultimately "finished" (are they ever really finished though?)- I need to do a shelf line up to see how all the components will work together (i kinda sound like i know what i'm talking about, huh? it's all a fa├žade, i promise).

And then, as usual, there's that pesky website I have to get up...

Friday, April 3, 2009


Thanks to Alison at Aviva Events, I was mentioned on TheKnot.com today!

go check it out!