Friday, January 9, 2009

25 Things...

we're friends, right? you won't judge... right?

1. I do most things in pairs: I drink with 2 straws, eat M&Ms by like color or complimentary color in 2s or 4s, pretzels eaten in pairs... the list goes on. It's part of my charm.

2. I could never be a stay at home mom. I would have to be a work at home mom that drops her kid(s) at daycare. I would be worrying too much about what I'm not getting done instead of enjoying my kid(s).

3. I worry that the longer I wait to become self employed, the harder it will be to leave and not because I'm worried about succeeding, but because it will stress me out that I'm not making the equivalent of what I would be making working for someone else- even though all I want to do is be self employed.

4. Then I worry that T$ will feel that I do not pull my weight in the cash flow department, silently hate me for spending money, in turn depriving me of one of my true loves- Target.

5. I hope that Charlotte will call T$ "T$" instead of "Daddy".

6. I thoroughly enjoy space planning and have a plan for each room of my house. I will soon space-plan the house as if it were my studio/office and we lived somewhere else.

7. I would love to flip houses (due to #6 and the ability to knock down walls in my mind).

8. T$ said he almost didn't continue to date me because he thought I was too "ghetto"

9. I have the worst stage fright ever possible. I took voice lessons in college and didn't really sing like I could because I was terrified my voice coach was judging me.

10. I rarely mix my groups of friends. If we're having people over, we have one group at a time. I stress out that they won't like each other and no one will enjoy themselves.

11. I really want to learn to sew my own clothes

12. For the longest time I rarely participated in conversations because I couldn't get my words right. I would start talking and completely forget what I was saying and what I had just said. So I would listen, pipe in when necessary and that was it.

13. When I was younger, my mom said I wanted to be a doctor and a cheerleader. I can also vaguely remember wanting to be a semi driver as well because I wanted to honk the horn for little kids pulling the invisible chain as they passed by.

14. I subscribe to 196 blogs... and counting.

15. I'm obsessed with handwriting. Entire notebooks filled with handwriting makes me giddy.

16. I want to spend more time with my letterpress this year, but because I haven't had enough time to devote to adjusting it to get an even impression, I keep putting it off... and then I worry T$ will get mad that I bought it.

17. I've lately become obsessed with my Domino Deco File.

18. I like to think I'm very witty, though very few can really figure out what I'm saying. (For instance, a friend that was dating a reverend's son that was a coke dealer received a mixed CD entitled "Simon Camden took the Pepsi Challenge and lost")

19. I believe that almost all great actors got their start on Lifetime.

20. I have a slight OCD complex that makes me match things. For instance. I bought particular containers for all of Little Miss' clothes- Clear bin, purple top and pink handle. If they ever stop making these containers, I will buy all new containers that match each other because having 2 different containers will drive me crazy. Same goes for if they change the style of that container.

21. I used to keep my shoes in individual clear tupperware shoe boxes.

22. I have 47 first cousins on my dad's side. (What was the tally on second cousins??) He is 1 of 15. This gives us a total of 150 family members alone at weddings.

23. My wedding was the first time all those cousins (with the except of Jen) were in the same place at the same time.

24. When I do things like this or post on my blog, I pretend I'm writing for people I've never met and will never meet. I can't comprehend that people I know and talk to all the time would read things I post.

25. This took way too long to think up 25 things about myself... mostly because I was worried they wouldn't be interesting enough.

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nicedaydesigns said...

On this post alone I'm subscribing to your blog, it's great.
I'm one of those random strangers you'll never meet... I also write for those people, I cringe at the thought of my friends reading my blog. or worse my boyfriend