Thursday, February 25, 2010

Remember me?

so i'm sure most of you are going- um, what the -- where have you BEEN? let's be honest here... because it's an honest space, right? i've been learning... lots. i've been immersing myself in webinars, blogs, articles- anything that puts words on a page and can enlighten me just a tiny bit more.

i'm also designing and scheduling and meeting and talking and concepting and thinking ( a lotta thinking) and chatting and delivering and administrating and wrangling and...

you get it. i got stuff goin' on over here. a lotta stuff.

BUT, i haven't forgotten about you... i've really tried hard to get over here into this space and check in, but visual proof that i've done anything just isn't there- well it is, but i'm not going to spoil the fun of revealing anything until the client reveals :-) i will say that is has a very "elegant" touch that gets to the very "essence" of the company. (how's THAT for a teaser? i know, you're still lost and i love it.)

so who am I to say that i've been soaking in all this knowledge and not pass some of it along? if you follow my tweets, you may have already read a link or two i'm posting here- good for you... that makes me happy to know the 2-3 tweets a week i put up make it out into the world (i really do need to get better at that- i know... put that on the ol' improvement list.)

• go here for amazing words of wisdom. This link was passed along from a client and every post is making a light bulb ding above my head.

• now, this is a post geared toward photographers (and we all know my love for a great photo-- i have photo envy of all the GREAT photographers in my immediate circle of trust... and the ones i've never met... but, i digress), BUT in my mind it can be adapted to any business in any industry.

• my borderline obsession with kelly cutrone and the way she runs her business is in full swing... and kell on earth has only fed my addiction more. i'm just hoping that her no BS style is in full effect in this book (and thanks to a few hints and reminders, a copy landed in my hands just a few short hours ago).

• oh and i'm learning so so much from this. go search around for people you know and for people you don't know- ask them anything and see if they answer you (this site is so addicting if you find people that really tell it all). it's been nice to finally ask those mentors and, well, people that have MADE IT just how they got there, what mistakes they made, a few trade secrets and how many sugars they take in their coffee. amazing. word vomit at it's finest.

there are plenty more, but i can't give away ALL my secrets, now, can i?

oh, and i hear just about everyone is up to their knees in snow... even fat boy, here.

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Katie Jo said...

great post...and i want to snuggle and wrestle with the dog.