Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where 'My Goin?

Dear 2010. I have big plans for you... don't go screwing it up.

... so let's be honest. I know what I need to do this year- it's just the moment of paralyzing panic and feeling overwhelmed that's keeping me from hitting the ground running right now. My moves need to be focused. They need to be strategic. And they need to be methodical. They need to be exactly what my mind doesn't do very well.

- collections
- collaborations
- materials

- build
- grow
- expand

- marketing
- connections
- network

So, sure they aren't specific goals, but this somewhat vagueness is what works best for me. I'm also making a conscious effort to blog more so if you haven't heard from me in awhile, send me a reminder, will ya?

Now check this: Merry Christmas to me! Mama knows her daughter well...

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Katie Jo said...

I <3 this photo.