Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Bone and Biggie... and Paula

So many people say you can tell a lot about a person by their playlist.


my "training*" mix...

rodeo clowns :: g love and special sauce
break anotha :: blake lewis
crazy chick :: charlotte church
break the ice :: britney
since you've been gone :: kelly clarkson
circus :: britney
tambourine :: eve
single ladies :: beyonce
rumors :: lindsay lohan
breathe, stretch, shake :: mase
body language :: heidi montag
toxic :: britney
reach out :: hilary duff
about us :: brooke hogan
stronger :: britney
(all nite) don't stop :: janet jackson
low :: kelly clarkson
shake ya body :: tyra banks
balla baby :: chingy
dirty dancing :: NKOTB
i hate this part :: PCD
mercy :: duffy
valerie :: amy winehouse
whole hearted :: extreme
wait a minute :: PCD
womanizer :: britney
SOB :: lisa marie presley
piece of your heart :: natasha bedingfield
elevator :: flo rida
shake it :: MC shy d
full service :: NKOTB
head sprung :: ll cool j
live your life :: t.i.
gimme more :: britney
naughty girl remix :: beyonce
girl you know it's true :: milli vanilli
naked :: debbie gibson
tilt ya head back :: nelly and christina
give it to you :: jordan knight
step by step :: NKOTB
top back :: t.i.
this is me :: dream
forever your girl :: paula abdul
screwed :: paris hilton
son of a gun :: janet jackson and carly simon
wanna be startin something :: MJ
don't stop til you get enough :: MJ
drop :: timbaland
let's ride :: bone thugs n harmony
victory :: p diddy
freedom :: george michael
maneater :: nelly furtado
give it to me :: JT, nelly furtado, timbaland
party people :: nelly
hello :: alex m.

if you would like a copy, let me know. i'm happy to share.

nice little mix, huh? i like random and from people that have no business recording music (um, paris hilton? alex m. from laguna beach? tyra? heidi montag?). i also like rap. this goes back to my BMX days and why my husband almost didn't continue to date me. (she ain't nuttin but a hoochy mama- hoodrat, hoodrat hoochy mama). whatev. and then there is NKOTB, extreme, paula, debbie gibson and dream. i will love them forever (i'm forever your girl, late 80's/90's). EV-ER i tell you- and they aren't the only ones.
there were so many others i wanted to add to the list, but they weren't "workoutable" so i will just have to make myself another list. and then i was worried that it was a bit long (3.7 hours! gaaah!), but then a realized that when my workout ADD kicks in and i quit WAY ahead of schedule, this will be perfect. i won't be listening to the same songs over and over and i won't get bored of them.
so there ya go. a small window to my soul (because i'm the put-on-a-show kinda girl).

did i miss any?
p.s. check out dizzlefig's post that inspired me to share.

*not sure what i'm training for exactly, but whatev


Fig said...

I love the Lindsay Lohan "Rumors" idea. Genius.

Melissa said...

Great Playlist!!! I love it!! Of course I'm so happy to see mulitple britney songs. hehe love her!

Melissa said...

Girl you know it's true!! Ooh ooh ooh....I love yooooou. Haha!