Friday, June 25, 2010


so i followed suit and moved the blog. i needed something with more flexibility- so you'll find me here now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Check me out

I'm over here today... talking about my favorite midget.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just watch

and listen.
and then go do something great.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Words to remember

So, I pretty much finished Kelly Cutrone's book in a matter of days- had I had the option of reading it cover to cover uninterrupted, it would have been finished in hours. Obviously, it's a pretty quick and easy read, but she does manage to sneak in some good thoughts in between describing her spiritual take on the world and the roller coaster ride that is her business.

I found that most of what she had to say was reiterating what we all know, but just need to be told every once in awhile so that we don't forget that it's important. I figured why not share some of her thoughts- i mean, I WAS practically peeing my pants to read this book- might as well pass along the message

• Start by identifying people in your community you look up to and then, graciously and with their blessing, use their hard work and experience to your advantage. Pick their brains. I can't imagine anyone refusing to mentor if they're asked in a spirit of sincerity and never know who will end up being your family or where you'll find them. All that matters is that you do find them.

• ... if you act as if you know what you're doing, and as if you're in charge, you'll be surprised how many people will let you be in charge... you can fake your way to the table, but ultimately you have to learn how to eat.

• Everyone is selling something these days, and if you don't have a clear point of differentiation-something that makes you special, unique, effective-you won't get far in fashion or in any other competitive industry, and you certainly won't succeed as an entrepreneur. In thinking about this question, consider your whole self, and don't be afraid to embrace everything that makes you unique.

• There will be days when, regardless of what you do and how much you love it, you'll be disgusted and/or exhausted by it... Detachment is about learning to have faith in your actions and remembering that you're more than what you do for a living.

• My mistakes have been some of the best teachers of my life.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Remember me?

so i'm sure most of you are going- um, what the -- where have you BEEN? let's be honest here... because it's an honest space, right? i've been learning... lots. i've been immersing myself in webinars, blogs, articles- anything that puts words on a page and can enlighten me just a tiny bit more.

i'm also designing and scheduling and meeting and talking and concepting and thinking ( a lotta thinking) and chatting and delivering and administrating and wrangling and...

you get it. i got stuff goin' on over here. a lotta stuff.

BUT, i haven't forgotten about you... i've really tried hard to get over here into this space and check in, but visual proof that i've done anything just isn't there- well it is, but i'm not going to spoil the fun of revealing anything until the client reveals :-) i will say that is has a very "elegant" touch that gets to the very "essence" of the company. (how's THAT for a teaser? i know, you're still lost and i love it.)

so who am I to say that i've been soaking in all this knowledge and not pass some of it along? if you follow my tweets, you may have already read a link or two i'm posting here- good for you... that makes me happy to know the 2-3 tweets a week i put up make it out into the world (i really do need to get better at that- i know... put that on the ol' improvement list.)

• go here for amazing words of wisdom. This link was passed along from a client and every post is making a light bulb ding above my head.

• now, this is a post geared toward photographers (and we all know my love for a great photo-- i have photo envy of all the GREAT photographers in my immediate circle of trust... and the ones i've never met... but, i digress), BUT in my mind it can be adapted to any business in any industry.

• my borderline obsession with kelly cutrone and the way she runs her business is in full swing... and kell on earth has only fed my addiction more. i'm just hoping that her no BS style is in full effect in this book (and thanks to a few hints and reminders, a copy landed in my hands just a few short hours ago).

• oh and i'm learning so so much from this. go search around for people you know and for people you don't know- ask them anything and see if they answer you (this site is so addicting if you find people that really tell it all). it's been nice to finally ask those mentors and, well, people that have MADE IT just how they got there, what mistakes they made, a few trade secrets and how many sugars they take in their coffee. amazing. word vomit at it's finest.

there are plenty more, but i can't give away ALL my secrets, now, can i?

oh, and i hear just about everyone is up to their knees in snow... even fat boy, here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better late than never... I guess

So, I've tried to write this post at least 4 times and each time I've been lead away by the sing-song sound of "come on mommy" and been lead away by the index finger. I just can't seem to get back to finishing this up. So, let's start this again... 5th time's a charm maybe?

It only seems fitting that I should post my personal goals for this year- in yet again such a cryptic and vague manner. got to leave a little mystery, right?

- child
- house
- relationships

- interaction
- creativity
- teach

- comfortable
- inviting
- open-door

- build
- maintain
- strengthen

- patience
- patience
- patience

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where 'My Goin?

Dear 2010. I have big plans for you... don't go screwing it up.

... so let's be honest. I know what I need to do this year- it's just the moment of paralyzing panic and feeling overwhelmed that's keeping me from hitting the ground running right now. My moves need to be focused. They need to be strategic. And they need to be methodical. They need to be exactly what my mind doesn't do very well.

- collections
- collaborations
- materials

- build
- grow
- expand

- marketing
- connections
- network

So, sure they aren't specific goals, but this somewhat vagueness is what works best for me. I'm also making a conscious effort to blog more so if you haven't heard from me in awhile, send me a reminder, will ya?

Now check this: Merry Christmas to me! Mama knows her daughter well...